Tuesday, 6 October 2009

christmas cards?

hello peoples

i just thought i'd share a few random things today, firstly i decided the time has come to l-o-o-s-e  s-o-m-e  w-e-i-g-h-t  (if i spell it, it won't be so bad if i fail miserably which is bound to be what happens)...

over the years, as one "matures", one naturally gains a little weight & such things seem to be affected by pregnancies as well plus i have a little addiction to starburst babies (lollies/sweets/candy) of which i cannot find a decent photo or link to show you!  anyhoo, i have decided to cease all contact with said babies & turn over a new leaf (what with spring supposedly being here & all)

so, i've said it & now i guess i have to do something about it :)

so i made some more banana bread for the kids today & i shall start the whole weight loss thing tomorrow :) 

secondly, i did a little update of the shop over at madeit with some new cards including christmas cards!  so please have a little look & let me know what you think - please? thanks!

thirdly, dinner tonight was a fairly civilized affair as far as james goes. last night was a serious battle of wills & i had to give myself a time out in our bedroom to calm down, so tonight i tried a different approach & it seemed to work...  any tips for feeding a fussy nearly-four-year-old healthy meals?

last but not least, the little kid aka matthew finally seems to be on the mend & i can't wait for the season of snot to be over!  all of my clothes seem to have snot schmeered all over them by the end of the day & it feels like i'm constantly doing laundry day after day after day after day... sorry, monotony is so lulling sometimes...

anyway, that's it for tonight :)

later alligator


a million miles from normal said...

that card is stunning. i absolutely love it!

moomi said...

thanks paige! x