Wednesday, 30 September 2009

feelin' a little low

so B had to take matthew to the hospital last night, his breathing was pretty bad & the staff pushed him up to the top of the queue.
they dosed him up with lots of ventolin & also gave him prednisolone & decided it would be best for him to stay overnight so B had to stay with him & both of them only got a few hours sleep the whole night.  he has a viral infection which triggered this asthma attack.

matthew was much better this morning, & after being seen by the doctor, they were allowed to come home.  both of them looked pretty spaced out & B had a handful of pages of info for me to injest, all about asthma & an asthma plan for matthew.

at the moment he has to have 6 puffs of ventolin using a spacer & a face attachment (which he does not like at all) every four hours for the next two days.  hopefully things will start to improve a lot as we are all over this whole "sick" thing...

latest news on The House is basically that we can't get it.  all to do with complicated bank stuff & so we're not going to the auction on saturday & the search continues...  needless to say, we are both gutted.  i guess something else will come up, hopefully sooner rather than later.

anyway, sorry about the downer post today, i did make some banana bread today which is always a hit & there were 4 big smiles after dinner tonight :)

later alligators

ps  i can hear B & james doing rhyming word flash cards, he really loves the alphabet, spelling & words at the moment - makes me smile :)

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