Monday, 28 September 2009

snotty, snottier, snottiest

so the boys, including daddy, are all sick again...

matthew appears to have a snot-erfall streaming out of his nose, down the sides of his mouth like a gleaming mo and off the end of his chin onto whatever might be lying in it's path - this would include me, sigh...

B is sneezing his head off in our bedroom, door closed so the kids stay away from him.  they think this is the best thing ever, having daddy at home for so many days & they get to spread their "love" (aka snotty noses) all over our bed... nice...

we've been approved (again) for a nice home loan, this time with a much more interested institution - 5 more sleeps until the auction!
i've been loosing sleep over this, trying not to get emotionally involved but i can see a tree-house & hammock in the future of this house's backyard & all it needs is US!

i've finally uploaded 10 900 (i kid you not!) photos to flickr because you know what will happen if i didn't - something will happen to the compooper & they. will. all. be. GONE.  mwah ha ha ha haaa! 

so yeah, i did it.  i started in october of last year but finished it today.
it didn't take that long, i just have a really short attention span and get bored extremely easy :)  (it must be my extreme intelligence)

it's been p-ing with rain here today (all weekend in fact) which makes for happy families inside (not) so i've done a little research for "activities" in case you'd like to do some (or stick pins in your eyes, sometimes it equates to the same kind of feeling)

first up is a recipe to make playdoh which you can find here, i made playdoh the other way (cooking it) and by the time i'd finished the kid had lost interest (typical) so give this a go & let me know what you think okay? okay.

second on the agenda would be more suited to sunny, warm weather - we did this the other day & had a blast (me included) & B got a nice surprise when he got home from work.  get the recipe here & have fun!  i doubled it up and made different colours but by the time the kids had finished, it was all one delightful shade of greyish purple :)  btw, the "paint" goes on darkish but it dries quickly to a lovely lighter shade, not unlike the chalk colours funnily enough!

now for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload the photos i wanted to show you of the fun that was had, so you'll have to click over to my flickr account to look-see

well, it's 4:30pm so i'd better start thinking about what i probably won't end up making for dinner - i'm terrible at the whole cooking/dinner thing...  don't get me wrong, i can cook & do so fairly well when i can be arsed, but am i arsed? not so much.
i will admit it internet, i have, on occasion, given my kids cereal (weetbix to be exact, so it's good for them) for dinner.  shock horror!
i probably won't be giving them that for dinner tonight however, i might give them "lunch" as james calls it when i ask him what he wants for dinner.

me:  what do you want for dinner punks?
him:  lunch please mummy (so polite sometimes)
me: (phew!) okay baby

i will try not to give them "lunch" for dinner but who knows what will happen in the next hour & a half... :)

i will leave you with this little gem from the weekend

me:  punks, what would you do all day if you were mummy?
him:  i would fix something & i would play in your room

apparently i'm a bit of a handy-woman & he loves our "big" bed  :)


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