Wednesday, 14 October 2009

cranky pants

so i'm feeling cranky today, mostly due to "womanly business" but also because it's been raining again (what happened to spring?) & the kids are going stir crazy - not helping my current "fragile" state (of mind)

anyway!  i was going to do a fun activity with them at some point today but didn't get around to it because i was finishing up more soft blocks for my shop & trying to take half decent photos in the kitchen at the table...  sigh...  rain is good, we need the rain (repeat)

so the fun activity will have to be postponed until tomorrow, at least i will just have one kid to entertain as matthew is going to nanna & pa for the day  :)  one is so much easier than both of them squabbling over the same toilet roll insert/raisin/piece of thread one of them found on the floor (can you tell i'm a leetle beet over eet?)

here's a little sneak peek of what we're going to do, i'm pretty excited about it i'm even thinking of doing another tutorial!  woo hoo!

i know the "e" is upside down,
the magnets were being freaky :)

check back tomorrow for more, gotta go now - james has done something & matthew is screaming his head off (again)

adios amigos

PS  thanks for stopping by if you found me via one pretty thing!

PPS  there is an awesome tutorial on there today for fabric alphabet magnets, definitely going to give that one a go!

PPPS  more soft activity blocks available in my shop now :)

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