Tuesday, 13 October 2009

hello thar!

hi gang!

i'm so excited to be on one of my favourite websites today!
in fact, rachel's site is such a favourite, that it's permanently open on my browser :)

if you're here for via oneprettything, welcome & thanks for stopping by & the tutorial is the next post down :D

i mentioned i'd get some photos of the pirates up so here they are in all their rascally rapscallion glory

they are in the shop now & i am taking custom orders too (hair colour, eye colour, facial hair, shirt stencil) so go! go now!  :)

been in the city this morning with matthew, we went down the road to the pharmacy & i had an idea for B's wedding anniversary present (on thursday, it's our 10 year anniversary - crap! where does the time go!) so we hopped on a tram into the city & i picked up his present, more supplies for sewing, a book for $3 from the Salvation Army shop & a toy shop register for the kids at Target (on sale) so all up a productive day :)

matthew asleep (hooray for nap time!) now & i'm going to finish up some more activity blocks so later alligators



Wipso said...

I just love your pirates. Well done with the final designing and stencil printing. Brill result. I just love your photos of your family on previous blog. Good luck with the house hunting/buying. I'm a great believer in that it will happen when you find the right house. A x

moomi said...

Thanks so much A!
I'm just eating dinner at the computer before we put the boys down to bed for the night & the search will resume for houses online in preparation for next Saturday!