Friday, 16 October 2009

miss molly mermaid

introducing miss molly, my mermaid prototype

i had an idea last night when i couldn't sleep, perched on the edge of the bed while B did his starfish impersonation so when matthew had his unusually long nap today & james watched finding nemo for the gazillionth time, i maid made a mermaid :)

james has claimed her but is perfectly willing to share her with matthew much to my surprise - she & pirate william are good friends already apparently but james insists that she needs a pirate eye patch so i'll have to see what i can do about that i suppose :D

i've got big plans for more molly's, i'm not entirely happy with her & my mind is reeling with ideas but i'm procrastinating as usual & the internet is being a pain in the rear end this evening so i might just go to bed early & browse through my habitat & muji catalogues my friend andrew kindly brought back from paris for me when he was over there recently...

g'night girls 'n' boys

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