Tuesday, 20 October 2009

a sunny day

not much crafting has been happening here lately, i am a little bit obsessed with fabric bird houses however, ever since seeing these beauties a while back - so i've been attempting one for myself ;)

otherwise, today was a beee-utiful day - sunny & a little hot (we will ignore the gale force winds) & the kiddos spent the morning outside in their "pool" - all in all, a fun day & a nice long nap which is always a bonus!

molly supervising the swimmers

she loves the boys :)

an old friend rediscovered
("my friend little snake")

anyway, i'm off to bed early tonight, i've just started reading this book (i know, i know, i'm late to the party as usual) & just feel like reading for a while again.  i have always had a love affair with books & devour used to devour them in one sitting but those days seem long gone for now i think,  i also think this will make a nice change from all the crime i love to read too :)

later alligator!

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Wipso said...

Really fab photos. What happy hours can be spent with a couple of inches of water and a sand pit. Treasure every minute. I've been doing a fancy dress outfit for one of mine [on my blog] :-) A x