Wednesday, 28 October 2009

vampires & country victoria

so, i started reading that book last week & then i had to go & get the second one, & the third one & then i realised there was a fourth one! (final) so i read them all in about 5 days hence the lack of posting :)
needless to say, i enjoyed them & when they were finished i felt a little lost & bewildered without bella & edward around...

otherwise, we had a lovely weekend in daylesford - i would highly recommend going there if you're in victoria, it's only about an hours drive out of melbourne & i felt like i was in a different country almost - so pretty & green & relaxing

sunset over the roof tops

mmm...  interesting...


we stayed at a lovely little self catering place called chestnut daylesford which was just down the road from the convent art gallery (love it!) & was absolutely gorgeous - thanks lise!

we visited heaps of little shops, including an amazing treasure trove called wombat hill antiques - filled with all kinds of everything! B had to wait outside for me as it was filled with people but i persevered & dug around to find some ancient metal roller skates (with a key!), a glove template thingy (for cutting out glove patterns i guess) which i'm thinking of spraying red, a couple of old rusty chains just because i liked the look of them & two mail order sewing patterns from The Sun news-pictorial in melbourne dated 1969 - one of the patterns if for a wrap dress & the other a sweet dress with a tie detail around the neckline (photos to follow)

we got chinese take away friday night after we arrived (dropped the kids at nanna & pa on the way up) & i enjoyed a very relaxing spa bath before hitting the sack (to continue reading) :)

on saturday we went shopping! yay! saturday night we went to the farmers arms for dinner - yum!  i had steak, roast potatoes & salad (& beer) & B had crumbed flathead with chips (& beer) - "it was good" :) afterwards we saw a sign for "a day on earth" & went to investigate...





(rocket ship, with sunset & moon = me trying to be creative)

needless to say, we were sucked in! so sunday morning we went back to this incredible place called a day on earth - utterly gorgeous & i can't find any good photos to show you so mine will have to surfice!


yes, that's a sand castle :)


i want everything in this place! love, love, LOVE!  i should have taken more photos but (a) i didn't know if it was allowed & (b) i was so gobsmacked i couldn't concentrate properly :D

i will do some more research & update as i do - just do yourself a favour, when in daylesford - go there!

they apparently also have a shop on chapel street, prahran but i don't know what that's like in comparison with this amazing warehouse filled with wonders & the incredible paintings & sculptures of david bromley :) (i might have to investigate to do a follow up post)

oh how i wish i had about $18 000 (or more!) spare cash around about now... sigh...

this was my favourite -
it immediately made me think of my boys :)

after all this wonder, we went to the mill market & i don't think B really understood what he was getting himself into...

i started browsing & he said he was going to have a look around - when he came back i was only in the second stall!  so off he went again & came back & i wasn't much further :D

so i told him to bugger off go & get something to eat & do some shopping for his parents (thank you pressies) and he said "i'll be about an hour" to which i replied "i probably won't be finished" to which he replied *eye-ball roll* :)

when he came back i was about 3/4 of the way through so he went off again & got me another book & lunch & sat in the car to wait...  two hours later i emerged! victorious! although, if we'd had a trailer it probably would have been more victorious but anyway...

i got some wooden industrial thread spools & some battered metal numbers (photos will follow) possibly from score boards (cricket/footy) or petrol stations (petrol prices?) - not sure but i like them :)

anyway, that's about it for now - i will leave you with a photo of pink & grey galahs on the side of the road - we also saw cockatoos & a black cockatoo (i think) - pretty!

later alligators

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Wipso said...

What a fab time you must have had. Thanks for sharing it with us. A x