Friday, 9 October 2009

a pirate predicament

hello thar!

i have a little problemo that i need your help with peoples!

here are the pirates i've been making, not all are completely finished as i've still got to make two more outfits & do eyes etc...

that brings me to my problemo

dilemma 1: i need a child friendly/not-too-scary skull & cross bones image for the shirt, any suggestions where i can find one that's free for commercial use or should i just make one up myself?

dilemma 2:  do i go with offering the option of a combo mustache/beard (see above) as well as mustache alone or just stick to mustache?

dilemma 3: do i keep the pirates eye-less or embroider eyes on as in the black haired pirate above?
(he looks like one of the village people donchya think? :D)

all feedback would be most appreciated!

i'm off to finish sewing the other blokes' clothes, we can't have them running around in the nude now can we?

ta ta!


Nina said...

Hmmmm... tricky.
I have an awsome cross & skull but dont think you can use it for him.

i like just the tash.

and the eye, maybe do some with an eye, see how it looks?

but the BIGGEST problem I see is that it is not a WEINER!! Baz is very upset about this!! ;)

Wipso said...

Think I would just applique a simple skull and crossbones. I prefer the tash and beard option and he needs an eye or he will never find the treasure :-) He is just beautiful. A x

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