Thursday, 8 October 2009

thursday follow up

so we took james out for dinner tonight at The Restaurant as he calls it, only to find that he wanted to go to The Sand Restaurant, which we finally figured out was a restaurant down in sorrento which we went to for lunch in august when we were on holiday in point lonsdale!

are we there yet?

we had caught the ferry across from queenscliff to sorrento for the day & played on the beach, digging & making castles & trying to prevent matthew-the-turtle from getting to the water :)

matthew before he discovered the water

on his way to the water

cracking it after i told him no for the
7 millionth time 
about going into the water

we found a colossal jellyfish
(not really, but it was pretty big)

be free young jelly!

purdy water
(reminded me of a beach back home
in cape town & i got all sentimental & weepy)

that's The Sand Restaurant behind the kid

pork chop of note
(saying cheese for the camera)

his memory amazes me all the time! 

here are some more photos from today, james played inside & outside today & had a 3 hour nap!

(bear in mind, this is the start of play,
i won't frighten you with the "after" shot)

and here is another pork chop of note, thinks he's invincible

(bad camera phone shot)

all that mess is luckily confined to this room, the "office" slash "playroom" - i trained them to keep their toys in one place & only take one type of toy out at a time...  so i figured i was safe with just the farm, but no, because you can add blocks to it, the blocks box had to come out too...  they are pretty good though, & pick it all up (with our help) at the end of the day though :)

that's all folks, it's 11:30pm & i'm pooped!


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Wipso said...

What lovely photos. Happy memories. A x