Thursday, 8 October 2009

thoughts for thursday

i have no idea what my thoughts for thursday are, i just like how it looks - all the th's & yesterday was w's...

ramble, ramble, ramble...

so anyway, i'm down one kid today as matthew has gone to nanna & pa for an over-nighter so i'm hoping to get some more sewing done :)

the plan for today is:

1) no more coffee (two cups should be enough, i hope!)
2) no snacking (unless it's a cucumber or such)
3) fantastic activities to keep james occupied, mostly consisting of sand & these great things (which i love packing away as i can play with them myself, ssshhh don't tell)

we LOVE pirates & we LOVE dinosaurs, and we LOVE PIRATE DINOSAURS!!!  and this is the current favourite most best book in the world, ever!

anyway, this took way too long to find decent pics of the playmobil so i'd better get sewing - arrrrrrrgghhhh!!!


1 comment:

Wipso said...

My 3 loved playmobil alas my baby wont play with it any more [he is nearly 22 after all :-)] Guess it will come out again for the Grand children of which I have one but she is too young for it yet. Cant wait to see the sewing. A x