Thursday, 5 November 2009

big photographer, little photographer

still not much on the crafting front folks, i seem to have lost my mojo at the moment, i really don't feel like doing anything actually...  it's really weird, sometimes i go for weeks obsessed with my current project & then it all just fizzes out to nothing for a week or so & then suddenly i'm back with a vengance & can't stick to just one thing!  crazy...  kind of like a menstrual cycle, no? ;)

i am almost finished this little birthday present for a certain little girl who is turning 4 soon - james can't wait to go to her birthday party because it's fancy dress & he wants to go as a pirate :)

i used this pattern from Runo, a cloth doll artist who generously shares gorgeous patterns - i tweaked my version slightly (can't help myself) & just want to sew a necklace onto her neck but need to wait until i can get some pretty beads - green or red?

anyway, today matthew went to nanna & pa for his overnighter so it was just me & james which is usually a much more laid back affair than when it's me, james & matthew  ;)

we did train tracks, pirates & treasure, i drew pictures which he coloured in or he dictated what i should draw & i did so, we wrote a letter to santa & he wrote his name almost completely by himself & we went for a walk in the evening to the local pizza joint for his "favourite" which is chicken & chips & a chocolate milkshake :)

on the way there, he was taking photos which i encourage even though it makes the journey double the length of time - i just love seeing his perspective of the world - here are some he took today along with some i took



this is the letter he dicated to santa

and lastly here's a not-too-shabby one of me by james
i like that it's slightly blurry, it's kind of how i'm feeling :)

so that's it for tonight, i'm off to look through some mags before i hit the sack, it's a big day tomorrow - a play date at Roo's house! :D

later alligators



Wipso said...

Just love James's photos...yours aren't bad either :-) A x

Nina said...

My gosh, what a flippin clever nephew I have! Such a great eye!
I think he needs to come out to SA to take some great beach shots.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love the little photographer pictures. Too cute.