Sunday, 8 November 2009

great news!

my lovely husband has accumulated a few frequent flyer points with work trips etc & today he booked a return flight for me to my home town, cape town!  he also booked & paid for a flight for james to go with me so he can see his great-granny (ouma) & his aunties :D

we thought about me taking both boys but it's just too long a trip with the two crazies on my own, plus i had such a nightmare the last time i flew that it's kind of put me off doing these long flights to be honest...  it had nothing to do with james, & EVERYTHING wrong to do with qantas - a whole other story that i could probably devote an entire blog to...

anyway, i'm pretty excited - we're going in march in his kinder school holidays for two weeks & there probably won't be nearly enough time to do half of what i'd like to do!

knowing myself, i'll start making lists tonight too ;)

i took some photos of the boys yesterday, hopefully i'll get around to doing another photo book for the overseas family connection for christmas again - i'll probably fixate on that for a while now as i still don't have my crafty mojo back!  nothing...  nada... weird...




matthew was making a getaway - not surprising as one of his first words was "cheese" because of all the photos i take of these kids :)

34C forecast for tomorrow, i'm melting already!!


PS do ya like the new header or should i change it?  it bothers me how it doesn't fit in the box thingy properly... sigh...  i make my life harder than it needs to be really...


Wipso said...

Thats really great news. I really hope all your plans work out. A x

Nina said...

Hi sis

I love the heading photo, to be honest, if you hadn't pointed out the box, I would never have noticed it so dont stress.

Cant wait to see you guys... its been faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long!!


Paige said...

i love the header, and i'm with nina, wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it.
mine also tends to stick out of the box and it irritates me. one time i spent an hour trying to get it right, but i couldn't figure it out, so now i just live with it.
cool to hear that you're coming home. let me know if you want to get a drink while you're here.

Paige said...

also thanks for the linklove here on your beautiful blog.

i really apprecaite it.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Stumbled onto your blog from somewhere but just wanted to say your boys are adorable. The third picture down is frame-worthy for sure.

Mitzi Curi said...

What adorable boys! The pics are wonderful. By the way, thanks for entering my contest/giveaway, and best of luck to you!


Tania said...

Lucky chook! Gotta love a holiday booked and sorted with enough advance notice for all the 'looking forward' bizzo.

On the header front, you could crop the pic slightly (if shrink to fill doesn't work), or remove the outline????