Thursday, 2 December 2010

13 months!

wow! it's been nearly 13 months since i last posted on this blog - bad!

i guess life kind of got in the way along with another drop into that hole that is depression but i'm feeling back on top of things now and hopefully in the new year i'll be able to start posting more regularly again.

james starts 5 year old prep class next year, he's SO excited and has even tried on his school uniform to show dad ;)  

(miles too big for him!)

matthew is on a waiting list for 3 year old kinder, fingers crossed he gets in so i can get some crafting done!  i've signed up with a driving school today, got to get my license and some freedom!

anyway, off to pick thing 1 up from kinder now (my life is so glamorous isn't it?) ;)

later alligators

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